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Book Your Dubai Dhow Cruises | 2022 Update

The city of Dubai has long enchanted the minds of individuals from all around the world. When one thinks of the City of Gold, the mind immediately jumps to a picture of extravagance and opulence; towering architectural marvels like the Burj Khalifa and Palm Islands, an endless of both the golden deserts and rich blue oceans, decadent food, and a glittering city full of life. 

Tourists from around the world flock towards Dubai each year to be a part of the city’s pulse. An out-of-the-ordinary way to explore its best parts is by going for a dhow cruise in Dubai. A dhow is a sturdily-designed wooden boat, traditionally used by Dubai’s fishing communities.

Today, a Dubai cruise is one of the most popular tourist attractions to try in the city; visitors can choose to ride along several locations -- Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek and Dubai Water Canal. Each cruise offers guests a unique experience, whether it’s the ambiance, famous sights around or delicious buffet meals and live entertainment. The next time you’re thinking to try something different, a Dubai dhow cruise should be high up your bucket list.  

Dubai Dhow Cruise Locations

Dhow cruise dubai marina

Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is one of the most beautiful locations in the City of Gold. When on a Marina cruise in Dubai, prepare to feast your eyes on the eye-catching, towering skyscrapers around you, while you are serenaded by the bright blue ocean. Keep an eye out for architectural marvels like the Palm Islands, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina residences, JBR, the Atlantis Hotel and more. 

dhow cruise creek

Dubai Creek

Explore the olden, charming parts of the city on a Dubai Creek cruise. The ambiance of still waters and traditional music is the perfect backdrop as you take in sights on the quieter side of the city. You’ll get the chance to observe landmarks like Heritage Village, National Bank of Dubai, Sheikh Saeed’s House and Chamber of Commerce & Industry Building among others.

canal cruise dubai

Dubai Water Canal

Cruise along the Dubai Water Canal and take in the glittering landmarks in the city. While on a Canal cruise in Dubai, either on anAbraor a luxury cruise, you’ll sail along the Water Canal and get the opportunity to spot sites like Festival City, Business Bay, Burj Khalifa, Ras Al Khor Sanctuary along with an impressive view of the city’s spectacular skyline. 

All Your Dubai Dhow Cruise Options

There are a variety of factors to keep in mind before selecting which Dubai dhow cruise to go for. You can make your choice based on which location you would like to board from, what landmarks you would like to see, whether you’re looking for a dining experience, or are looking to club your cruise with other activities like a desert safari. Here are all the factors to keep in mind when decided what cruise to go for.

dubai dhow cruise

Creek vs Marina vs Canal

The most important thing to remember before making your reservation is the location of your dhow cruise. The top options in the city are the Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina and the Dubai Canal.
If you’re looking to observe the city’s historic past and observe classic buildings like Heritage Village and old souks, you should look to book a dhow cruise on Dubai Creek.
If you would like to soak in the city’s towering, architecturally-significant skyline, then you can opt for a Dubai Marina dhow cruise. If you book a Canal cruise in Dubai, you can either ride on the traditional Abra or go for a luxury cruise on the Water Canal. 

dinner cruise dubai

Sightseeing vs Dinner

The next thing to consider before booking your dhow cruise is to opt for a cruise that exclusively offers sightseeing or dinner. If you book a standard sightseeing cruise along the Creek, Marina or Canal, you can soak in landmarks around you like the Atlantis Hotel at the Dubai Marina. However, if you’re looking to make your ride a memorable experience, opt for a dinner cruise in Dubai at the Creek or Marina. The highlight of your wholesome journey will include an exclusive continental buffet, along with live entertainment options. Your standard sightseeing cruise does not include dinner; however, all dinner experiences allow you to engage in sightseeing.

dubai dhow cruise

Ferry vs Yacht vs Boat

Apart from dhow cruises along the Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek and Dubai Water Canal, guests also have the option to opt for rides on ferries, yachts and other boats. 
If you opt for a ferry, a smaller water vehicle, you can enjoy a 1-hour long ride inside air-conditioned decks along the Dubai Marina and take in interesting sights like Palm Island, Burj Al Arab and JBR Beach. For an ultra-luxurious experience, book a Dubai yacht tour. Onboard a lavish yacht tour, guests can avail services like a continent buffet meal, the onboard swimming pool and multiple entertainment decks, all while enjoying a fantastic view of sights like the Palm.    

dubai desert safari

Combo Tours

If you’re in Dubai for a short while and are looking for a quick way to cover all major attractions, your best bet would be to opt for a combo tour.
Usually covered over a span of two days, you can choose your combo ticket based on what attractions you would like to cover. Your combo tour not only includes a dhow cruise on Dubai Creek, but also includes experiences like a visit to landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, a desert safari in Dubai, or a tour of the city’s most historic and popular attractions. With these tours, you can cover all the essential tourist points in the city.

Choose the Right Dubai Dhow Cruise

dhow cruise dubai


There’s plenty to see while on a Dubai dhow Cruise. You should select your cruise depending on which part of the city you would like to explore. Dubai cruises cover landmarks across the Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina and Dubai Water Canal. While a cruise on the Creek covers several parts of old Dubai like the old souks, a cruise along the Marina lets you observe the new-age, architecturally-significant landmarks of the city, like the Burj Khalifa, JBR, Atlantis Hotel and more.

dinner cruise dubai


When surrounded by the blue sea and towering glass buildings, the perfect thing to complement your view is a delicious meal. If you opt for a dinner cruise in Dubai, your experience would include welcome refreshments with some dates, a lavish continental buffet with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, unlimited mineral water and soft drinks, and depending on your package, live cooking stations as well.
Keep in mind, not all cruises include meals; you would have to book one that specifically includes lunch/dinner.

dhow cruise dubai


If you opt for a dinner cruise in Dubai, not only do you get a delicious multi-course buffet meal, but also get live entertainment as part of the package. During your cruise along the Creek or Marina, while you gaze at the remarkable sights around, you will be serenaded with live music. The vocalist would perform some peppy tunes to keep the audience entertained. Guests would also be treated to experiences like a puppet show or Tanoura dance performance, depending on the package they opt for. 

Plan Your Dubai Dhow Cruise Experience

Dubai Marina
Dubai Creek
Dubai Water Canal
dhow cruise dubai marina
What are Dubai Marina cruise timings?

Generally, Dubai Marina dhow cruise timings are between 09:00 PM to 11:00 PM daily. Boarding begins at 08:30 PM. Each cruise lasts for approximately 2 hours.

Where does a Dubai Marina cruise depart from?

Most Marina cruises in the city depart from the Dubai Marina Promenade. Please check your ticket for further details.
Google Map Directions

How do I get to the Dubai Marina Promenade?

The best way to get to the Dubai Marina Promenade is by taking the metro and getting off at the JLT metro station. From there, the pier is at a 10-minute walking distance.

dhow cruise creek
What are dhow cruise timings at the Dubai Creek?

Timings for a Dubai Creek cruise vary depending on the time of day you choose. Evening cruises last for two hours and run between 09:00 PM to 11:00 PM daily, while morning cruises run in hourly intervals from 10:30 AM every day.

Where does a dhow cruise at Dubai Creek depart from?

Most cruises depart from Baniyas Road at Dubai Creek. Please check your ticket for further details.
Google Map Directions.

How do I get to Dubai Creek?

The fastest way to get to Dubai Creek is by taking a metro to Union Station. From there, you can simply walk to your destination.

canal cruise dubai
What are Canal cruise Dubai timings?

You can go for a Water Canal cruise in Dubai throughout the day. The 2-hour evening cruises are generally between 08:30 PM to 10:30 PM, while the day cruises start from 10:00 AM each day.  

Where do I board a Canal cruise in Dubai?

The location for each Canal cruise varies based on the one you choose. With your ticket, you will get specific information about where to board your cruise.

Dubai Dhow Cruise FAQs

Are Dubai dhow cruises available post-COVID-19?

Yes, dhow cruises in Dubai are now open to the public. Guests can book cruises on Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek and the Dubai Water Canal. 

What safety measures are in place for a Dubai dhow cruise?

Guests can book their dhow cruises in Dubai online now, to eliminate the hassle of physical contact or waiting lines. It is essential that all passengers wear masks throughout their boat ride and sanitize their hands before and after their journey. 

Which Dubai cruises are available?

Visitors can choose a cruise along the Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek or Dubai Water Canal. 

What are Dubai dhow cruise timings?

Timings for your cruise vary depending on the slot you choose. Evening dinner cruises, as well as day-time cruises, are open to the public. You can choose your cruise based on your convenience and their availability.

What is the location of dhow cruises in Dubai?

Since there are multiple locations and operators, there is no specific location for a dhow cruise. Depending on whether you book a cruise at the Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek or Dubai Water Canal, you will receive the exact location with your confirmed ticket.  

Are dinner cruises in Dubai now open to the public?

Yes. Dhow cruise dinners are now open to the public. Each cruise lasts for about 2 hours and includes a continental buffet and live entertainment.

What is the cancelation policy for a Dubai cruise?

It depends on your reservation. While some Dubai cruises offer full cancelation if canceled within the stipulated time, others will not provide any refund if canceled.